Saturday, May 9, 2009

Praise Be To The Blog!

Dear Blog Followers,

Your overwhelming response is humbling. Although you are in different parts of the world, Austin (TX), Chennai, a private follower in Chicago, one on Cenotaph Road who thinks this blog is cooler than accounting and another one in London, with some more scattered across the United States, your ambitions for this blog__to survive and unite the Palagattan world__are honorable.

Here's a sampling of some of your comments:

Aaaah! Exceptional. My Singapore Thatha's FAVORITE (and may have heard it from my maternal thatha too) -Theethrandi! excellnt post.
Please enter me for the T Shirt. I will gladly take either ! am Palagattan OR I love Nandurnis Or I Hate Mushudus... by the way, where is my MMKR DVD? :)
Kala Malini

you have so many fans! - all full of 'thraani'... all waiting to celebrate and enjoy!

wish to enroll for the quiz. any entrance fee? Or is it free on submission of Palagattan proof?
Ranjani Raghavan

you MUST discuss "thalaki-naal" (previous day) on the blog...please! need to know the origins of this one...
Aniruddh Sanakaran

Like your blog. Good work. This set me thinking on the other variant of Tamizh - Chennai Tamizh; not the expletives, but the normal diction.
V S Sambandam

Your blogs are very enjoyable and we have passed on to
many of our relatives. Keep up the good work and please do keep us entertained.You're writing in a very dignified way that makes us all very proud to be Palagattans !!!!! Thanks !
Rema & Venkat.

Author's Note:
These overwhelming comments have made me realize that a blog gets as good as its followers want it to. I want to assure all of you that this blog is non-idealistic, non-racist and is non-biased. It just is successful because all of you love Palagattan stuff, are soaked in it and like some good-natured humor. So, keep contributing your ideas, suggestions and keep spreading word of the blog to the Palagattan and non-Palagattan worlds.

A simple exercise to reaffirm this blog's popularity, supremacy, monopoly:

1. Go to Google Images and Search for 'Palagattan'
2. Go to Google and Search for 'Palagattan'
3. Raise a toast to this blog and its Plogger!

Now, that some eulogizing has happened....let me get on to some serious blogging!

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