Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bheiysh, Bheiysh.....

Uslimani is a famous, rotund, Tamizh comedian. He is credited with making the Palagattan usage of the phrase 'Bheiysh Bheiysh...' popular. And this happened through a phenomenally successful, yet simple, TV commercial for Narasu's Coffee.

'Bheiysh Bheiysh...' is Palagattan for 'Awesome', 'Exemplary', 'Outstanding'. The context in which Palagattans normally use it is when they are appreciating someone's culinary efforts. After a sumptuous meal, a true blueblood Palagattan is and must wont to say, "Bheiysh, Bheiysh...rombha nanna irunthathu".

In my opinion and experience, though the 'Bheiysh Bheiysh' usage is applicable and possible in other contexts, no Palagattan is even remotely adventurous with it. For example, I don't think Palagattan men ever use this phrase after making love!!!

Those who love good coffee and those who are Palagattan can still picture Uslimani with his pattai vibhuthi, thondhi, poonal and big expressive eyes, exclaiming, "Kaapi na Narasu's Kaapi thaan! Bheiysh, Bheiysh, rombha nanna irrukku".

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