Saturday, April 25, 2009

'Kushu Vitta Mathiri Irrukku!'

'Kushu' is Tamizh for fart.

But 'Kushu Vitta Mathiri Irrukku' is Palagattan for 'it is lousy or below par or mediocre'.

Tamizhs in general never use this phenomenally loaded phrase. When Tamizhs find something that doesn't meet their expectations or is losuy, they are normally wont to declaring, "Moonji Mathiri Irrukku' which literally means 'it is like (your) face'. I guess both phrases are crude, silly and pervertedly acerbic in their own way. But the Palagattan phraseology is more dignified. Because by referring to a lousy act, event or object and comparing it to someone's face is outright rude and insulting. Whereas comparing such a lousy act, event or object to fart (can be anyone's not necessarily to one of the conversationalists') is very dignified, neutral and never humiliating. A principal reason for my conclusion is that fart always connotes something 'eek', 'stinky', 'smelly' and 'avoidable'. Whereas, 'moonji' or face always refers to something desirable.

When Palagattan people come out of a movie (like Kamal Hassan's 'Dasavatharam' or RGV's 'Aag') they are prone to saying 'Kushu Vitta Mathiri Irrukku'. Or they may say that after polishing off all 'bajjis' and 'sojjis' (snacks) at an engagement ceremony. They even use this unceremonious phrase to review a music concert by an upstart singer or to rate someone's new house, whose 'gruhapravesham' they may have just attended.

My father used to freely say 'Kushu Vitta Mathiri Irrukku' after seeing my progress (or the lack of it!) reports when I was in school. He used the phrase particularly in the context of my Math scores. They really used to stink!

But the usage of this phrase is losing prominence in a world where most Palagattans are turning yuppie. So, 'It's like SHIT' or 'Tis' YUK' or 'It SUCKS', and more abrasive, but less pungent, phrases, have consigned this profound phrase to the history bin. This blog and its author have no intent to revive its usage. But its poetic construct and its inimitable impact is what is worth celebrating.

Perhaps, 'Kushu Vitta Mathiri Irrukku' can now be KVMI. In an SMS era, the next gen of Palagattans may find KVMI less stinky and less perverted to use. (And, besides, those unfamiliar with the Palagattan mind, may even regard KVMI to be the next KJo movie!) What an IDEA, Saar? 'Bheiysh, Bheiysh, romba nanna irrukku!'

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