Saturday, April 18, 2009


My son loves this. And my wife makes this the best.

I love it too.

Don't ask me how it is made or what it contains. But ask me its significance in the lives of Palagattans and I can write reams about it.

For one, the true identity of a Palagattan family stems from the household's (I am assuming other husbands, unlike me, can cook) ability to make 'Molaguttal'. In fact, if a household makes 'Molaguttal', good or bad is irrelevant, they gotta be Palagattans.

Marriages are decided__and presumably called off or even broken__on the ability to make/serve 'Molaguttal'. My wife's only worldly advice to our now 19-year-old son is, "Marry whoever you want, even an eskimo, but make sure she makes 'Molaguttal'". So, in effect, if Palakkad Tamizhs had a country called Palagattan, and President Obama and Michelle came on a State visit, the humble 'Molaguttal' would be their First Serving.

On a bed of fresh, fluffy, white rice, with some 'Thogaiyal' and 'Appalam' for company, and some 'Manga Curry' to add sex appeal, the 'Molaguttal' takes Sunday meal times to a new high! Purists will swear that the 'Molaguttal' shall not be made without adding coconut, but health conscious diabetics like me differ. It is not the coconut that elevates the 'Molaguttal' but it is the 'Molaguttal' that allows the coconut an opportunity. Or simply, coconut-less 'Molaguttal' has all is properties intact.

This Sunday, if you have not had 'Molaguttal' in a long time, 'request' for it to be made at home. And if you are not a Palagattan, phone the one in the neighborhood and invite yourself over. And if you live away from home and from Palagattans__for whatever reasons__salivate.


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